Cooking with Kurma

Cooking with KurmaChef Kurma Dasa showcases his special brand of exotic and eclectic gourmet vegetarian cuisine through this wildly popular "Best Of" book from the cooking king down under. Pulling from the great cuisines of the world, Kurma Dasa's latest collection of recipes is presented in straightforward language, making for distinctly trouble-free cooking. Heavily illustrated with color photography, this delightful work compiles colorful, healthy, easy-to-prepare food that is perfect for everyday cooking-whether you're a vegetarian or not! The book includes; a description of the benefits of a vegetarian life, an illustrated glossary and references, an index and a "how-to-prepare" chapter.


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Great Vegetarian Dishes

Great Vegetarian DishesIn this lavishly illustrated classic cookbook, Kurma presents more than 240 time-tested delectable vegetarian recipes.


Price: 300 NOK

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Quick Vegetarian Dishes

Quick VegetarianLife in the fast lane doesn’t necessarily mean life in the fast-food lane. With Kurma’s expert guidance and more than 160 delicious recipes, this cookbook is all you need to make tasty vegetarian meals on the go.

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Vegetarian World Food

Vegetarian World FoodKurma presents more than 130 of his best, most flavorful offerings from Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, India, and the Mediterranean. BEST SELLER

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The Book of Eggfree Cakes

The Book of Eggfree CakesThe concept of making cakes without eggs may sound difficult, but it is not new. Cintia Stammers has spent several years collecting, testing and refining recipes worldwide. This resulting book contains more than 200 recipes that show how imaginative egg free cakes can be. The recipes are based on the principle that "you are what you eat", leaning towards low-sugar, low fat and low cholesterol ingredients with emphasis on flavour, simplicity and health. For those who cannot eat eggs because of allergy or because they have chosen to cut them out of their diet, this should prove to be a handy book.


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From Garden to Kitchen

Cooking starts in the garden: that’s the basis for author Hemangi Devi Dasi’s delicious new publication, “From Garden to Kitchen” From city-dwellers to country cooks, this book is a must-have for anyone with a desire to understand how to develop their cooking, their kitchen, their garden, their consciousness…every aspect of cooking. The recipes are expertly constructed and presented, divided into seasonal references: summer, winter, spring and autumn, a step by step guide to holistic cooking. Beautifully presented and published by 108 Publications, it offers traditional Vedic and Western cooking—including some wonderful Hungarian additions that can be made anywhere in the world. From beginners to experts, everyone will love this colorful, simple, and delicious guide to holistic cooking.


Price: 300 NOK


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